Vape Safety

Is Vaping Right For You?

Is Vaping Right For You?

Let The Cloud Factory in Shreveport, LA find the right product for you! Trust us and our products to keep you safe!

There is a lot of information out there about vaping and WE would like to help you sort through it all. Here at The Cloud Factory in Shreveport, LA, we care about our customers and we want you to know the real news!

After doing some research, the Center of Disease Control (CDC) announced that, out of the reported cases of vaping-caused lung injuries, three-quarters of them were from THC-containing products. They haven't been able to link single product or substance to the cause of the lung injuries.

ALL of our products are FDA compliant, and we take great pride in the products that we make and sell.

The CDC has concluded that they need much more information before being able to say whether a single product or substance has caused this outbreak.

The Cloud Factory wants all of our customers to feel free to ask questions and inquiries. We recommend doing some research, as we have, in order to come to the same conclusion...that we will continue vaping!

We hope you find this information helpful. Happy vaping!